Ellie Holbrook, MA, LPCC, RYT200 is…

…A Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor:  Ellie counsels women, men, adolescents, and professionals from all walks of life. She is committed to the well-being of her clients and dedicated to helping them meet their unique individual life and wellness goals as they optimize their personal satisfaction in life. As a coach, Ellie specializes in the art of positive living.

…A Registered Yoga Teacher:  Ellie is a certified yoga instructor, registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level.  She is currently engaged in advanced teacher training.  Ellie teaches daily yoga classes at Satsanga, her studio, in Spicer, Minnesota.

…A Co-Founder of Satsanga:  Ellie, and her partner Ashley Christianson, are co-founders of Satsanga, a gathering place in which individuals gather to share the company of the “highest truth” through various means of study, practice, and reflection.  The ultimate goal is to assimilate the meaning of these personal truths into one’s daily life.  At Satsanga, we welcome you to join us in the practices of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Holistic Well-Being.

…A DONA-trained birth doula: Ellie is a DONA-trained birth doula. She is enthusiastic about childbirth, and passionate about supporting expecting women and their families.

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

April 15th, 2015

Are you pregnant and interested in Prenatal Yoga? Have you recently had a babe? Are you trying for pregnancy and wanting to surround yourself with this powerful energy?

I have had a small handful of mama’s express interest in getting a Prenatal/Postnatal class going, and I would LOVE nothing more than to bring this beautiful energy into the studio!

This would be a 75 minute yogic birthing class that includes asana and breathing techniques to increase strength, flexibility, and stamina during pregnancy and childbirth, movements to help with postpartum recovery, and discussion time to address fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum-specific concerns.

This class is open to women in all stages of conception: prepregnancy, pregnancy, and postpartum.

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Free Consultations

April 9th, 2015

In numerous articles and studies, The American Psychological Association (APA) has reported that one of the most important determining aspects of a client’s success (or lack thereof) in psychotherapy is the therapeutic alliance, or the quality of the relationship between the client and the counselor.  In fact, the APA states that it is “the therapy relationship that accounts for why clients improve (or fail to improve) as much as the particular treatment method.”

Because I have been both a client and a therapist, I both personally and professionally understand the importance of this fit.  It is for this reason that I offer free consultations both over the phone and in person to anyone and everyone that has interest and curiosity about counseling.

If this speaks to you, or someone you know, please do not hesitate to call or email.

Take care.  Be well.  Namaste!

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Practice May Not Make Perfect

April 7th, 2015

“Practice and all is coming.” –K. Pattabhi Jois

In the yogic world, we refer to the act of “doing yoga” as a practice. And it is called a practice for good reason.

For in practice, we recognize that we will never reach perfection. We may become masterful at what we will do, but because we are continuously deepening our practice, we will never master it entirely. Likewise, there will always be something about our practice that is a challenge. For example, while we may have great physical strength, we may struggle with flexibility. Or we may be strong in our poses, but struggle to quiet our minds.

We also call it a practice because in practice, we are not in competition with anyone, including ourselves. There is no final score or an outcome to strive for or attach to. There are no winners, no losers, none that are “better” or “worse” at yoga than others. . Sure, there may be some that more advanced practitioners than others, but this is only because they have been doing the practice longer than those that have just begun. So in practice, we do not focus on being best. Rather, we focus on doing our best, every time we come to our mat.

When practicing yoga, we must also bear in mind that each and every practice will be different for every single person. Some days we will feel strong and execute the poses with strength and grace, while other days we may feel weak, or out of balance. There will be times that our minds are in synch with our movements and the practice is meditative and mentally quiet. And, on the contrary, casino spiele there will be times that the mental practice of the yoga we are doing is a chaotic struggle. Some days, when we practice, we will fall into the poses with fluid flexibility, while others we are stiff, and sore, and in pain. No practice, mentally or physically, will ever be the same.

And perhaps this is the most important reason we refer to “doing” yoga as a practice. We called it a practice because it is about the process that we are engaged in while we are on our mats. It is about what we are doing in that very moment, how we are doing it, and the intention we have brought into our practice. It is about being mindful, doing our best, and letting certain things come and other things go.

And so it is with life, is it not? Life, more than anything, is a practice. For much like yoga, we never exactly master life. We will excel in some areas of life, but we will never reach perfection. Likewise, for any given reason and in any give way, there will be days that feel good, and days that feel bad. There will be times when our best comes naturally to us, and times that we really struggle. Like yoga, life is not a competition and there is no end goal to attach to. Rather, in life, just as in yoga, it is about the life that we are living from moment to moment, how we are living, and the intention and purpose we manifest in the process of living this beautiful thing called life.

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Classes for the Week: 4.06.15 – 4.11.15

April 5th, 2015


After School- 5.00pm:  Yoga for Kids

5.30pm-6.30pm- Karma Class- Ashley will be offering a free yoga class every Monday during the month of April.  This class will focus on the Kapha Dosha. 



6.30am-7.30am: Sunrise Yoga

4.30-5.30pm: Lower-Body/Creative-Core



5.30-6.30pm Astanga Flow- Heat things up with Astanga Yoga!  This dynamic class is challenging yet accessible for all levels of students.  And for those of you that have been curious about Hot Yoga… Do come!  We crank the heat and get sweaty and salty and deliciously dreamy and steamy. 


Thursday:  Both classes will be BOGO classes!  Come to class (whether you have been here before or not!) and bring a friend for FREE!

5.00pm: Meditation

5:30-6.30pm: Happy Hour



8.30am-9.30am: BodyBlend

10.00-11.00am- Gentle Flow



10.00am-11.00am- Saturday Morning Surprise- Whats the surprise?  Ellie does not plan the class until the students arrive.  So this is the perfect opportunity to have a custom-made practice just for YOUR body. 

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Classes this week: 3.30.2015

March 29th, 2015

Yoga and Meditation Schedule


3.45 to 4.00pm- 5.00pm:  Yoga for Kids.  Especially because there is no school this week, there WILL be Yoga for Kids.  Please do not bring your children earlier than 3.45pm, unless you’ve arranged with Ellie to do so.



6.30am-7.30am: Sunrise Yoga

4.30am-5.30pm: Lower-Body/Creative-Core.  Ellie will be filling in for Ashley this week, as she is taking her babe on holiday.



5.30-6.30pm Astanga Flow



3.45 to 5.00pm- Yoga for Older Kids.  This class is just for the ‘Tweens and Teens.

5.00pm: Meditation.  Ellie is starting her BOGO classes this week!  Every Thursday in April, come to yoga (whether you have been here before or not!) and bring a friend for FREE!

5:30pm-6.30pm: Happy Hour.  This is a BOGO class as well.  All bodies are welcome!



8.30am-9.30am: BodyBlend

10.00am-11.00am- Gentle Flow



10.00am-11.00am- Saturday Morning Surprise

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Satsanga’s Email List

March 25th, 2015

Email List

Interested in staying in touch with us?  Each week, we will be sending out messages of Love and Light, including weekly updates, the calendar of events, mindful musings, and other health and wellness information related to each and every one of our products and services!

Simply click on the “Contact” tab on the far right, and send us an email expressing interest in being added to the list.  


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April at Satsanga!

March 25th, 2015

Join Ashley and Ellie for the entire month of April as we celebrate the coming of Spring, a season of growth, rebirth, and transformation! Join us this month in nurturing your mind, body, and spirit, reclaiming your health, celebrating your beautiful self, and embracing Spring!

This month, we will be celebrating our 6th month of business at Satsanga by giving a little something each week to those that we have been so blessed to work with since we opened our doors. 

Starting this weekend, we will be open for select hours, and we encourage you to stop in, say hello, ask questions, check out our products and services, and simply enjoy our space

Then, beginning Thursday, April 2nd, Ellie will be offering BOGO classes every Thursday!  Come to class (whether you’ve been here before or not!) and bring a friend who hasn’t, for FREE! 

Every Monday at 5.30pm, Ashley will be offering a FREE yoga class that is open for ALL bodies.  This class will change from week to week, ranging from hips, to core, to yin, to asana flow. 

We will also be celebrating Earth Day at Prairie Woods ELC, and participating in United Way’s Power of the Purse. 

Follow us on FB and www.ellieotteson.com for even more updates and gifts – to give back to YOU, who has been so generous and loving and supportive of US. 

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Vulnerability as Strength

March 24th, 2015

Vulnerability is no easy emotion to experience.  In fact, most of us would have to agree that we tend to avoid it all costs.  And, of course, most of us would be able to recall numerous occasions that we  gracefully sashayed our way through a moment of vulnerability or two; however, all in all, most of us tend to avoid these situations when we see them coming.  And this makes sense, because after all, this is an act of self-preservation, is it not? 

Most of us have spent a great deal of our lives proving to ourselves and others that we value, strength, and character. We have worked hard to get where we are by aligning our strengths and confidences to overcome hardships and obstacles and trudge through the sloughs of wilderness that seem to be inherent to our human experience. As such, we have learned to maximize and rely on these virtues to thrive and survive, while taking care not to expose other parts of ourselves so that we may avoid our weaknesses and remain  strong, sure-footed, and unequivocal.  So, naturally, putting ourselves in a position to be vulnerable may feel foreign, counter-intuitive, and uncomfortable.

Yet, as we move through life, many of us come to discover that strength and vulnerability are not exactly opposites. On the contrary, vulnerability requires a great amount of courage, for being vulnerable is to be authentic despite our greatest fears.  For vulnerability requires that we accept and embrace the parts of ourselves that we would rather ignore, change, or deny. In fact, by its very definition, vulnerability even takes this one step further and requires that we do so in the presence of others, forcing us to acknowledge these parts of ourselves, talk about them as they are, and claim them as our own. The very nature of vulnerability requires that we feel raw, unsure, and exposed, both with ourselves and others. 

So, how do we evolve in the name of vulnerability, and allow ourselves to transform? Consider the following exercises:

Practice Self-Awareness: Begin this practice by simply being mindful of your feelings of vulnerability when they arise. Take note of what has triggered these feelings, ask yourself why they have arisen, and perhaps reflect on what you struggle to accept about these traits and why you would rather camouflage them.

Reveal Something: Revealing parts of ourselves can feel risky and vulnerable.  However, in doing so, we unveil glimpses of our truest selves by sharing who we really are.  By simply doing this, we encourage others to connect with us on a more intimate and fulfilling level.

State How You Feel. At That Moment: When you feel that you have lost your footing, find your voice and give a name to what you are experiencing. Not only is this transparency authentic and true, but it gives others permission to do the same. 

Admit When You Are Wrong: Be accountable. Accept your mistakes. Forgive yourself. Then, move on. You may be surprised to learn that most others will follow your lead.

Own (and redefine) Your Weaknesses: Despite the fact that no one of us is perfect, admitting our “weaknesses” to others can take great strength.  Yet, in doing so, we allow ourselves to be better supported by those that complement who we are and encourage our growth. .

Celebrate Your Imperfections: Allow yourself to be human.  Know that sometimes it is more than enough to be “good enough”. Embrace your idiosyncrasies. Reconsider your perceived “weaknesses” as instead being your gifts. 

And finally, fully accept all that you are, for that is heart of vulnerability, And even more so, that is authenticity. 

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Schedule for this week: 03.23.15-03-28.15

March 22nd, 2015

This week at Satsanga: 03.23.15 – 03.28.15

Join us this week for Asana and Meditation!  All bodies are welcome to attend class – even the most challenging of poses can be modified and attainable for everyBODY.  If you have questions about classes, please see the class description or inquire by email.  We excited to annouce that we will also be “Open for Business” for select hours on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We would love to see you!  So, do stop by to say hello, ask questions about our services, smell our delicious Floracopeia oils, and see everything else we have to offer. 


After School – 5pm: Yoga for Kids



6.30am- Sunrise Yoga

4.30pm- Lower-Body/Creative-Core



5.30pm- Astanga



2.00pm-5.00pm- Open for “business”

5.00pm- Meditation

5.30pm- Happy Hour



8.30am- BodyBlend

10.00am- Gentle Flow

12.00pm-3.00pm- Open for “business”



10.00am Saturday Morning Surprise

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Open Your Heart

March 20th, 2015

In my personal asana practice, I have been paying extra-special attention to heart-openers and back-bending.  

These poses, hence their namee, involve the opening and blossoming of the heart. Which inevitably exposes the most intimate and vulnerable parts of our internal and external self.

And not surprsingly, this can feel scary, uncomfortable.  Yet, it can also feel beautifully and incredibly naked and raw, as these poses gently encourage us to peel away our protective layers and let the magic of our hearts shine.  They force us to drop our head and mind back into the unknown behind us, which exposes our neck, driving our chest forward to allow our heart, soul, and intuitive gut lead the way and journey, sometimes blindly, into the unknown before us.

Yet, as scary as this may be, we need not move in the direction of fear, or we will forever be stagnant.

Instead, move in the direction of your heart. Let it open. Expose yourself. Be authentic, raw, and naked. Liberate yourself. Dance with life. Open your heart to the cosmos.

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