Ellie Holbrook, MA, LPCC, RYT500 is…

…A Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor:  Ellie counsels women, men, adolescents, and professionals from all walks of life. She is committed to the well-being of her clients and dedicated to helping them meet their unique individual life and wellness goals as they optimize their personal satisfaction in life. As a coach, Ellie specializes in the art of positive living.

…A Registered Yoga Teacher:  Ellie is a certified yoga instructor, registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level.  Ellie’s yoga training is an extensive self-study that also explores different styles of yoga and asana, meditation, energy systems, human anatomy and physiology, ancient texts, and a vast array of philosophical and spiritual beliefs.  Ellie teaches daily yoga and meditation classes at Satsanga, her studio, in Spicer, Minnesota.

…A Co-Founder of Satsanga:  Ellie, and her partner Ashley Christianson, are co-founders of Satsanga, a gathering place in which individuals gather to share the company of the “highest truth” through various means of study, practice, and reflection.  The ultimate goal is to assimilate the meaning of these personal truths into one’s daily life.  At Satsanga, we welcome you to join us in the practices of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Holistic Well-Being.

…A DONA-trained birth doula: Ellie is a DONA-trained birth doula. She is enthusiastic about childbirth, and passionate about supporting expecting women and their families.

Thai Yoga Bodywork Partner Workshop

August 26th, 2015


October 24th, 2015.  1.00pm-3.00pm


Come relax, stretch & have fun! Thank you to Kathy Clingman and Michelle Aalbers for this fun workshop!

No TYB experience necessary. Come with a partner or pair up at the workshop. $25 per person.

To register: thaipause@gmail.com or bodywork@synchronytyb.com

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On Relationships

August 25th, 2015

In my role as a therapist, many of the conversations I have with clients involve the relationships that they are in, and all too often, it seems, that many of these relationships are, at least to some degree, dysfunctional.  And this is not surprising to me, as fostering healthy and meaningful connections is not always easy.  So if you find yourself struggling with the people in your life, consider the following points:

Do not put too much worry into who likes you or not.  Instead, wonder about what it is that attracts you to other people, and ask yourself if they have qualities that are most important to you in a relationship. 

Befriend yourself.  The fear of being alone is very real for many people.  Which is why many people stay in unhealthy relationships. Yet, sometimes, it is healthier to be alone than to stay in a dysfunctional relationship.  If this rings true for you, become your own best friend, learn to embrace solitude, and enjoy your own company,

Do not expect others to fix your problems.  They are no one’s responsibility but your own. 

Set boundaries and honor them, for yourself and others.  As the saying goes, we teach people how to treat us by what we allow to continue.  There is truth to this.  So establish and maintain clear boundaries in your relationships, and likewise, honor the boundaries set by others as well. 

Surround yourself with like-minded people.  Foster relationships with people that inspire you, support you, and bring out the best in you.  Not only will they lift you higher, but they will also serve as a gauge other relationships.

Be good to the people you love.  It is that simple. 

Trust your intuition.  We are more sensitive to people’s energies and intentions that we often realize.  If your gut is trying to tell you something about someone, trust this feeling, especially if you feel desire to avoid someone because the relationship is one-sided, energetically draining, manipulative, guilt-ing, or anger-inducing.  These feelings are not present in healthy relationships, so do not engage in these dynamics when they arise.

Be honest about your feelings.  While it is often difficult to talk about difficult things, a healthy relationship should create space for such conversations and be accepting of uncomfortable feelings. 

Maintain your sense of your current self.  Certain relationships have the tendency to drudge up parts of our past and cause us to react in ways that are no longer in accordance with who we are at this time.  If you notice this happening in certain relationships, be conscious and remind yourself to step out of the past and into the present moment, and remember that the only thing you have control of is yourself.   

Some relationships are not meant to last forever.  Be good to people, and be good to yourself.  If the relationship does not work out for whatever the reason, allow yourself to release it. 

Ellie Holbrook, MA, LPCC, RYT500


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The Good Life

August 12th, 2015

As the title of the best-selling book, “The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying”, suggests those that are faced with death often find themselves reflecting on their lives and having regrets about how they used the time they were allotted in life.  According to this book, the Top Five Regrets are:  I wish I hadn’t worked so much; I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends; I wish I had let myself be happier; I wish I’d had the courage to express my true self; and, I wish I’d lived a life true to my dreams instead of doing what others expected of me.

As I read through these regrets, I cannot help but to feel a bit of sadness for the people that look back on their lives and feel regretful about how they have lived.  I feel sad for them that they regret pursuing things other than that which they have truly loved.  Yet, I understand.  So naturally, these feelings of sadness and understanding compel me to reflect upon my own life, and how I choose to invest the precious time and energy that I have in this lifetime.  And as I do, I too must say that I feel inspired to change how I live on a day-to-day basis, particularly when it comes to the pursuit of happiness, authenticity, and the people that I most love and enjoy. 

So, with this philosophy and the scientific data that supports it in mind, we are able to see that love, authenticity, passion, enjoyment, and play are far more than just frivolous bouts of leisure or indulgence.  Rather, they are integral to truly living “the good life”, no matter how we personally define that term.  For it is these feelings that help us to avoid such regrets as “working too much” or “not being happy enough”.  It is these sensations and the experiences that evoke them that foster and cultivate true happiness as we live our lives.  Because when we pursue these feelings and experiences, we allow ourselves to live in the present moment, and beyond, as we become more and more in touch with our truest nature and what it really is that we wish to do with our time, energy and resources. 

And so, as you read this, I encourage you to reflect on your own life, how you spend your own time, energy, and resources and notice what feeling arise.  Where do you feel a sense of regret, guilt, or heaviness?  And more importantly, where do you feel a sense of love, joy, inspiration, authenticity?  If they do not already, let these latter feelings guide you, and I promise you that the rest of your life will either stay perfectly in place or unfold just as it should as you learn to let go, let be, and embrace that which you want more of.  

Ellie Holbrook, MA LPCC, RYT500

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Yoga and Meditation Schedule: August 10th-August 15th

August 9th, 2015

Yoga and Meditation Schedule: August 10th-August 15th



9.00-10.00am- Yoga for Kids- Elementary Age (Pre-K through 4th Grade)

10.00-11.00am- Yoga for Kids- Middle School Age (5th Grade through 8th Grade)

…Teaching is one of my absolute passions! And what better learners that kids!? Both classes are suitable for ALL children of ALL ages. This fun-loving and free-spirited class will introduce young ones to the various aspects of yoga, including asana, meditation, and other yogic practices.



6.30-7.30am- Sunrise Yoga

…Rise with the sun for this delicious yogic flow. Every week is different, depending on the needs and wants of my ever-so-dedicated class. Open to ALL bodies.



5.30-6.30pm- Astanga

Astanga is a challenging and vigorous style of yoga that consists of the same asana sequences each time.  This series moves students from pose to pose, paying special attention to unwinding and aligning the entire body to increase both strength and flexibility and to enhance overall health by incorporating breath control, isometrics, and internal focus.   Astanga Flow is open to practitioners of all levels.



5.00pm-5.30pm- Meditation

…This 30-minute class will introduce students to a new meditation technique each week and/or allow students the opportunity to practice a meditation technique of their preference.

5.30-6.30pm- Happy Hour

….Happy Hour class is open to students of all levels and will incorporate a variety of asana/yoga poses

and practices.



8.30am-9.30am- BodyBlend

…Much like Hot Yoga, students of this challenging class will practice in a heated room and will engage in deep, targeted breath and body work to build strength, increase flexibility, and improve the overall functioning of the body.

10.0am-11.00am- Gentle Flow

…Open to all levels of students, this class will move at a gentler pace than other more intense classes. Gentle Flow provides a supportive environment for students to relax, restore, and open their body and mind, while releasing stress and tension throughout the body by uniting the breath with body movements and offering modifications to traditional poses.



10.00am-11.00am- Saturday Morning Yoga at Bar Path CrossFit Gym

…I am so excited to bring yoga to the Bar Path!  This class is open to EVERYONE. 

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Is Fitness Failing You? : A Workshop

July 29th, 2015

fitness (fit·ness| fitnəs)

noun: the condition of being physically fit, strong, and in good overall health.



Saturday, August 22nd, 8.00am – 12.00pm


Join Dr. Brian Paulson, DC, Ellie Holbrook, MA, LPCC, RYT500, and Personal Trainer Mandy Nelson in a morning of discussion and exploration of Physical fitness.  As a team, we will engage in in-depth conversation about the various aspects of true physical fitness, including the explanation of the pain-and-injury cycle, dysfunctional movement patterns, how injuries and repetitive strain sabotage health and well-being, the role of flexibility, range of motion, and “firing order” of muscle movement, the importance of effective breathing techniques and rest, and experiencing the body in stillness and in motion, and most importantly, how to correct these habits with simple, effective, and profound changes.  This workshop is suitable for professionals, athletes, and anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of physical fitness and the body. 


To inquire about additional details and register, email Ellie Holbrook at ellieholbrook@hotmail.com.

$30.00 per person.



Move Better. Move More.

      Nelson Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Clinic|515 19th Ave SW, Willmar, MN 56201

Dr. Brian R. Paulson, DC |Ellie Holbrook, MA, LPCC, RYT500 | Mandy Nelson, Personal Trainer



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20 Reminders That You are Doing Really Well

July 29th, 2015

I came across this list this morning and thought it was worth sharing…

20 Reminders That You are Doing Really Well:

#1.  You paid your bills this month.  Perhaps you even had a bit left over to play with. 

#2. You question yourself from time-to-time and have bad days.  This means that you are objective, self-aware and open to growth. 

#3. You have a job. Regardless of the job, you have one.  It serves a purpose, and it means you are independent and taking responsibility for yourself.

#4. You have time to do things you enjoy, no matter what that is.

#5. You do not worry about where your next meal is coming from.  Have gratitude.

#6. You have one or two friends with whom you feel truly close to.  When it comes to relationships, quality is far more important than quantity.

#7. You could afford a cup of coffee, or the gas in your car this morning. These are small conveniences that should not be taken for granted.

#8. You are not the same person you were a year ago. This means you are learning and evolving.

#9. You have the time and means to do things beyond the bare minimum, such as treat yourself to something nice or take a day off.

#10. You have a selection of clothing at your disposal, for all seasons and a variety of occasions.

#11. You can sense what is not right in your life. The first and most crucial step is simply being aware, even if you do not know what to do about it yet.

#12. If you could talk to your younger self, you would be able to say: “You did it!  You survived that terrible thing and are doing wel!.”  So often people carry their past into their present lives, and if you need proof that we carry who we were in who we are, check in with yourself by saying this to your inner child and see how you respond.

#13. You have a space of your own, whether that is a home, an apartment, a room.  It is yours to create in, rest, decorate, govern. 

#14. You have loved and lost in relationships. More important than the fact that you have had relationships in the first place is that you chose not to settle, and you opened yourself to the possibility of finding something else.

#15.  You have interests.  Whether it is how to live a happier life, reading, exercise, a hobby, or the axis on which the world spins, something intrigues you enough to explore it.

 #16. You know how to take care of yourself, physically, emotionally, spiritually. 

#17. You have a goal and are working toward it. Even if you are exhausted or it feels miles away, you have a dream for yourself, however vague and malleable.

#18. But you are not uncompromisingly set on anything for your future. Some of the happiest people are those who can make any situation an ideal and be open to the present moment, new experiences and potential outcomes.

#19. You have been through some hard stuff.   You can look at challenges you currently face and compare them to ones you thought you would never get over and reassure yourself that you are and will be okay. 

#20.  Your life is more than just survival.  You are beginning to thrive. 

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Embracing the Unknown

July 8th, 2015

Before you read any further, consider the following passage by Rainer Maria Rilke.

“Have patience with everything that remains unresolved in your heart. Try to love the questions themselves… Don’t search for the answers, which could not be given to you now, because you would not be able to live them. And the point is to live everything.  Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.”

As you let these words soak in, take a moment to reflect on how they apply to your life. How often do you procrastinate, putting things off until “later”? How often do you tell yourself to wait until “things settle down” before embarking on a new journey in life? How often do you view time as some sort of enemy, something that you lack or have to “beat”, rather than the abundant gift that it really is? How often do you postpone your life until the perfect time arrives for you to start living it?

If we are to be honest with ourselves, most of us must admit that we fall into these traps from time to time. We get caught up in the preparations of life. The moments of hesitation. The anticipation of something better that is just around the corner. We play mind-games with ourselves and allow ourselves to be fooled into thinking that we should wait for the answers of life to arrive, rather than living the questions themselves. We sit idly waiting for something to happen, and in doing so, we let the here-and-now pass us by.

Rather than waiting around for the “perfect time” to arrive, I encourage you to shift your perspective and instead embrace the present time. Arrive each day and practice dailines. Aim for reality. Put time to good use, rather than allowing yourself to be used by it and make the most of each day and each moment as it is at this time. Resist the temptation to resist or force life and instead have the courage to live with “what is”. Remember that life, and everything about it, is fluid. It is a dynamic, ongoing, and ever-evolving process, and because of this, nothing is ever really finished or complete. Nor will it ever be. And while this can be frustrating at times, it can also be comforting and encouraging to know that there really is time for everything and everything has its time. So, as Rainer Maria Rilke writes, do not search for the answers.

Instead, live everything, including the questions themselves.


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How to Ruin Your Life

June 17th, 2015

In an effort to be our best self, most of us spend a considerable amount of time and energy doing everything that we can to maximize life.  And, we should continue to do this throughout life.  Yet, in doing so, it would be good practice to also reflect on how we might be limiting ourselves, and therefore minimizing life, even when we intend to do just the opposite.

For deeper reflection, consider the following points: 

You limit your life by investing in toxic relationships:  The investments that we make in our loved ones are some of the most rewarding investments we will ever make.  Yet, quite often, we find ourselves investing in relationships that we find draining, rather than fulfilling.  And no matter what the motivation is, be it a sense of obligation, guilt, fear, or the fulfillment of an unhealthy desire or need, these relationships do nothing but sabotage our happiness.  So, rather than continuing to invest in unhealthy relationship patterns, choose instead to nurture those relationships that you find inspiring, enlightening, supportive and unconditional.  Perhaps, begin with your relationship with yourself. 

You limit your life by letting your past predict your future: Undoubtedly, things will happen in life that will be painful.  And while some of these experiences may stay with us and shift our perspective in meaningful ways, they need not define nor confine us.  So rather than allowing past hurts to shape our present and future moments in a negative way, we must take care to keep the past in its place, and if we can, transform it into something positive as we move forward.

You limit your life by comparing yourself to others:  If you find yourself comparing yourself to others, stop.  These comparisons are rarely an accurate portrayal of the big picture, and they rob you of your worth as a person.  Instead, keep in mind that all people, regardless of outward appearances, have blessings and hardships, strengths and weaknesses. 

You limit your life by desensitizing yourself:  Most of us have a habit of “watering ourselves down” in some way or another because we fear the consequences of being ourselves unabashedly.  We fear “what might happen” or “what people might think” if we say too much, express ourselves truly, feel too deeply, and live authentically.  And really, as far as feelings go, this makes sense.  Because to live authentically in such a way exposes who we are, which can feel extremely vulnerable.  Yet, doing the contrary, and desensitizing yourselves to life does exactly the opposite, and prevents us from experiencing the rich depths an beautifully magical moments of life. So if and when you have feelings, have courage and own them.  Do not harden yourself and resist life.  Embrace, feel, and express.  Find the strength in vulnerability and be human. 

You limit your life by tolerating it.  To merely tolerate life is to complacently settle for a mediocre life.  When done strategically, this tolerance may have merit.  But to live all of life in such a way is to limit life.  Do not let this happen to you.  Instead, go and do. Go and be.  Go on, and live your extraordinary life.


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Yoga and Meditation: June 15- June 20th

June 14th, 2015

Yoga and Meditation Schedule:  June 15-June 20



9.00-10.00am:  Yoga for Kids- Elementary Age (Pre-K through 4th Grade)

10.00-11.00am- Yoga for Kids- Middle School Age (5th Grade through 8th Grade)

…There is no need to preregister for Kids Yoga.  Just come when you can!

5.30-6.30pm- Hip Openers



6.30-7.30am: Sunrise Yoga



5.30-6.30pm Astanga Flow



5.00pm: Meditation

5:30-6.30pm: Happy Hour



8.30-9.30am: BodyBlend

10.00-11.00am- Gentle Flow



9.00-11.30am:  Kundalini Yoga for Relationships Workshop with Jennifer Grant- there is still room to join!  DO let me know if you are interested!  Jen’s workshops are a life-shaking work of art!

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Yoga and Meditation Schedule/Updates: June 8th-June13th

June 7th, 2015

Yoga and Meditation Schedule:  June 8th – June 13th

Are you a school employee??  If so, all yoga classes are free for you this week!


9.00-10.00am:  Yoga for Kids- Elementary Age (Pre-K through 4th Grade)

10.00-11.00am- Yoga for Kids- Middle School Age (5th Grade through 8th Grade)

5.30-6.30pm- Hip Openers 


6.30-7.30am: Sunrise Yoga


5.30-6.30pm Astanga Flow


5.00pm: Meditation

5:30-6.30pm: Happy Hour


8.30-9.30am: BodyBlend

10.00-11.00am: Gentle Flow


10.00-11:00am: Saturday Morning Surprise

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